Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tomorrow's the Day

Well, we have made it to Pittsburgh with the help of my parents. After a MAJOR traffic jam, hotel mix-up, new hotel, an hour walk to find a kid-friendly place to eat, we did finally settle in last night. Lily was scheduled for her complete workup at Children's this morning starting at 9:00am. It's been a long-hard day. She started with an EKG and an echo. We then met with the surgeon who mentioned he wasn't feeling well and may need to post-pone the surgery until Friday, or later. He informed us that two surgeons from our Children's Hospital in Indiana (Riley Children's) were flying in to watch the surgery. This is both exciting and nerve-racking. It's great that it is a learning experience for them, but scary that her procedure is rare enough to fly out-of-state to join us. Then we went for a chest x-ray, blood work (took four people and five pokes total), and a meeting with cardio-thoratic surgery to be sure the surgery wasn't going to be moved back. They are NOT moving the surgery. We are scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9:00am. We are set up to start in day surgery at 7:30.

The anticipation is building. Tomorrow, our little girl's heart will be mended. She will be a beautiful color of pink and her strength and abilities will no longer be confined by her lack of oxygen. I can't wait to see that triple digit 100 on the oxygen monitor. Don't get me wrong this is the most frightening thing we have ever had to do, but if anyone can save our little girl and give her the long life she deserves, it's Dr. M. He has performed the most Nikaidoh's in our country and Lily will be number 26.

I will update when possible. They expect her surgery to last 6-ish hours.
Please send your prayers up for Lily and our family tomorrow.

The Borders Family

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